“Meditation is: the practice of understanding our hearts, so that we can feel universal love and compassion.”

In Daoism there is a saying: “The reverse way is how one enters the Dao.” This concept is know as reversion and it is the most beautiful path--from the complex to the simple, from the many to the one. It is the apparent movement of the celestial bodies and our way back to understanding them.

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In the Daoist tradition there are many kinds of meditation, some still the mind, some focus the mind and some free the mind. Once those goals have been accomplished we can begin to explore the true nature of reality. The mantra below is one way of invoking this ancient wisdom:

“Meditation is the practice of becoming clear so that we can see the beauty of existence.”

It is only after we have gained some distance from the origin that we can look back to it and understand its meaning. Only after we have released our attachment to the past can we truly discover the constant moment.