Qi Gong is the first medicine, it is the way back to the Dao. 
Qi Gong is embodied consciousness.

Consciousness inhabits every nanometer of your body, the same way air inhabits the inside of a balloon. 

It is the refuge that we seek in the moment when our mind is overrun. Freedom, clarity, and peace all come from awareness, but without quieting the system we cannot hear the whispers. When we remove habitual behavior and explore a small movement, we discover ourselves within it. 

When we practice observing our mind and body together we quickly come to the conclusion that there is no separation, just embodiment. 

To live in harmony with the Dao is the goal of this practice, to feel the energy of the universe coursing through you, to be awake and present in the moments around you, to be free and clear in your action… this is where the infinite moment lies.

For me, the practice of Qi Gong must be a living practice. It requires us to evolve with our current environment to seek understanding of how human beings respond to the world we live in today.

We feel the breath as we inhale we draw ourselves into the moment by attending to a single simple action, this is the tool that takes us out of the chaos of the mind and brings us back into clarity. We call this taking refuge in the body. 

Our practice is about creating awareness in the moment.

Thomas Droge teaches qi gong movement meditation as a resource for living a thriving, fulfilling life that allows you to handle the ebbs and flows with presence, balance, robust health, and spiritual awareness

We use...

LAUGHTER to remind us to find the joy in our work.
STRENGTH to remind us of the physical power within us to change.
INTENT to connect with the sun, moon, and stars and to feel the pull of the earth.
HUMILITY to remember we are as fleeting and beautiful as a sunset.
WILL to ignite the transformation in our understanding of ourselves and others.
COMPASSION so that we may move forward, releasing the pain of our mistakes while discovering the wisdom that is always born out of them.