The wise are guided by what they feel, not what they see.

Learn how to be on a mindful, awake spiritual path that keeps you present in your life experience and open to your inner resources for handling stress, anxiety, depression, hurt, broken hearts, illness, confusion. Learn to make your life thriving and fulfilling through understanding flow awareness and biohacking through meditaiton, qi gong, and holistic, natural medicine

The field is the place where everything comes from and returns too.

It is the unseen, interconnected Energy that we can all tap into. It flows in, around, and through everything. It is the realm of wisdom, the birthplace of creativity and the home of the spirit. It exists outside of time and space and yet is the matrix of our world and reality.

It has many names in many cultures and is universal in its understanding .

Many of the names that I give to the field are rooted in my understanding of Taoism and the realizations I have had, inspired by my own practice and the readings of the ancient texts.

The field is the place beyond beginning and ending, right and wrong, forward and backward; it is by its nature outside of time and thus at any given moment can be accessed at any point in order for us to attain understanding. The beauty and the difficulty for we humans is that in order to take and experience the field directly we must except the paradox of time.

We understand time abstractly because we are not able to experience it directly. We understand time through space and velocity, we use time as a way to organize the perception of reality.

However, as is now accepted theoretically, there are possibly many universes, "a multi-verse" that exists simultaneously. We have the opportunity to take in the idea that time might in fact not exist in the linear fashion, but in a simultaneous way.

We have to release the constraint of our mind's desire to always create a linear understanding of time and instead, through practice, allow for the possibility of everything in all time to exist right now.

Once we arrive at that opportunity we can begin experience The Field directly.

The ancients tool provided in the practices of Qi Gong and meditation make such opportunity more frequent and allow for the conscious experience of The Field within your everyday life. 

Daoist symbols for heaven, earth, the dao, the elements, fire, wood, metal, water