Pathfinder Sessions

The Pathfinder Process is designed to create a deeper understanding of your self and your true nature. The process of finding your path requires an awareness of self and the environment; when we are able to see these two things clearly then our path will be laid out before us.

The Pathfinder is the scout, the seer, the opener of doors, the truth teller, the meditator and the archer. Each of these archetypes represent one of the major skills that you will master along the way to clarity.

These are one-on-one sessions lasting 90 minutes. They incorporate discussion, meditation, visualization, body awareness, energetic healing and often acupuncture.




Ways to Work

Single Pathfinder
This session is for people who need to kickstart in the right direction and want to continue on their own, checking in whenever they feel necessary. This is for when you feel like you have a specific obstruction to your path and you can't quite understand how to deal with it.

Pathfinder Series
This is a series of sessions which occur either weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. The frequency of our meetings will depend upon how much time you have to give to the process; the most effective frequency will be clear after our first discussion.

Health Consultation and Treatment
This is a 90-minute session where we will do a complete health history and analysis based on classical Chinese medicine and mind-body concepts. You will receive an acupuncture treatment if it is in your best interest, as well as dietary, herbal, physical and any other relevant guidance. These consults are also critical tools for helping people find next ups in their healthcare.

Follow-up Acupuncture Sessions
The sessions are usually about 15-minutes of checking in on your current health status and any changes that have occurred, combined with a complete acupuncture treatment and any other necessary Chinese medicine treatments, such as cupping, moxa, or specific body work.