Certification Series

Module 1: Awakening the Dragon Spirit

This weekend course will delve deep into the foundational practice of exploring the conscious body, it's energetic map and internal alchemy.

The Dragon (龙) is the symbol of transformation and the entry point into the mystical realm, where we can discover our own personal path. The spirit (神) represents the expression of our consciousness that lives within the heart and connects us with other human beings and the world around us.

This course is the first in a series of trainings for people who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Qi Gong and for those who are interested in being certified to teach this work.

The Practice:

  • Elemental Qi Gong - "Engaging Vitality"
  • Meditation practice 
  • Introduction to Elemental Healing

The Elemental Qi Gong system is an integrated map of Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Medicinal Training. This module is the first training towards the 100 hour certification. 

We live in an ever changing environment and the key to living in harmony is to be one with its changing nature and to be aware of our own projections into it. To achieve this, we learn to take refuge in the body, the breath and the moment.

What You Will Learn:

The core practice for module 1 is: "engaging vitality." This practice teaches the core principles of Elemental Qi Gong. This foundational practice unblocks and releases stagnation throughout the physical and energetic body.

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