- Awakening the Heart spirit - 

The intent: 

Awaken the heart-spirit, dive into the practice of opening the heart center, and explore the path to strength through vulnerability. 

In this workshop, we will explore the Daoist practice of Harmonizing the Heart/Fire by practicing the skills that unlock freedom, love, compassion and joy. 


The practice:

This practice combines: lecture, discussion, journaling, movement and meditation. We will use these techniques to explore the Daoist teachings of the heart. 

  • Polishing the mirror of awareness

  • Allowing for the heart to speak

  • Accessing the strength of vulnerability

  • Unlocking the power of the Heart/Mind

Summer is the season of the heart. The solstice is the peak energy of the season.  We offer this workshop at the solstice to make the transformation more powerful.

When:  Saturday June 24th,  1-4PM 

Where:  Element - Center for Daoist Arts

              28 Warren street 3rd floor

Things You'll Need: A Journal  loose/yoga clothes

All Levels Welcome