I have been practicing Tai Ji (chi),  Qi (chee) Gong and many other consciousness awakening practices for the past 30 years. I have been a healer an acupuncturist, a bodyworker, an herbalist, a truth teller and spirit whisperer for the past 20 years.

I have degrees in Chinese medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I have studied at the prestigious Jiang Xi College of Medicine in mainland China, as well as attended Harvard University's mind-body medicine program. I spent more than half a decade as an advisory board member for Pacific College, I have taught Chinese medicine, qi gong and meditation classes all over the country and have attended numerous trainings in Daoism, Chinese medicine, Meditation, and Healing.

Thomas Droge, group class and workshops for mindfulness meditation, qi gong, movement, and holistic health and healing

Those are my credentials.

But what matters most to me is the work itself. Since I was a child I have been a bit obsessed with the human condition and the "big questions" like: 

Why are we here?
How do we live well?
How do we treat our fellow human beings?
What's the F#%cking point of it all?

My desire for understanding was driven by the combination of having an open heart and Spirit while at the same time witnessing some of the more brutal things human beings can do to themselves and others. 

From the place of seeking understanding, of having pulled back the veil at such a young age, I was left with the immense flow of information into my consciousness from everyone and everything around me. After many years of confusion and wandering over the years, I began to find my teachers.

Each set of teachings I have experienced over the past 30 years has brought me into deeper and deeper clarity with these simple questions and as one would expect the answers are equally simple.

The work I do is about understanding yourself and awakening your consciousness to a place of what I call "flow awareness.”

Thomas Droge teaches mindfulness meditation, qi gong healing movement, holistic health principles, and spiritual path awareness and thriving

This is a state of consciousness to the moment that allows you to be in spontaneous change, so that you can walk in harmony with the world around you. 

The Pathfinder Sessions, the practices, the healing processes, are all designed to remove blockages in your perception and awareness so that you can be in a “flow awareness state” as often as possible.

It is my life's work to bring these teachings and skills to as many people as possible in the most direct and attainable way, so that they may discover the freedom, clarity, and openhearted living that exists for all of us.

Thomas Droge, daoist calligraphy, heaven, earth, dao, the five elements, fire, metal, water