UPCOMING Workshops

Elemental Qi Gong, Weekend Intensive:

Harmonizing the Tiger and the Dragon

This weekend practice is the second in our program of Elemental Qi Gong. In this two day intensive we will study the movement of Qi through transformation of the elements. We will study the Five Elemental Phases of Fire Earth Metal Water and Wood. Deep exploration into the Shaman (Wu) Daoist practice and Qi Gong practice.

When: Friday, 6-9, Sat 10-3 Sun 1-6

Where: Pathfinder Institute (formerly element center) 
28 warren street, 3rd floor New York, New York


Sun and Moon: Communicating with movement and intent. 


When: Saturday Nov 18th 10am-3pm

Place: Pathfinder Institute (formerly element center) 
28 Warren street, New York, New York

Connect with yourself and become more skilled in your perception of others.

Map your communication skills using movement, breath and meditation skills   

Often times the language we use to express ourselves can be cumbersome and create as much confusion as clarity.

Movement practice creates a new, more clear language for communication.

This workshop will increase your ability to be aware at a higher level of how you are sending and receiving information.

This is the fastest way to create a usable map of our thoughts and emotions.

Identify and overcome delusion quickly by seeing in your movement the expression of your intent.

Using Daoist wisdom tradition tools, Qi Gong and partner practice, discover your inner voice by listening and speaking with movement.



Qi Gong, All Levels

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9:30 - 11:00am
Element Center for Daoist Arts
New York, New York

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Cultivating the Elixir Field:

Exploring Daoist  Meditation

The intent: 

Cultivating the Internal Elixir, is a process of refining essence into breath, and breath into spirit. This workshop is an exploration into understanding how the body breath and spirit change through practice.  

This is a 3 hour Workshop exploring the Nature of the heart spirit, love and compassion through Seated Daoist practice. We will be practicing the five element transformation meditation "Tu Gu Na Xing" and discovering the process of internal alchemy. 

As we move through the Autumn season and into the fall we will move from the exterior to the interior. Daoism teaches us to let nature guide us, in this practice we learn to feel the energy of the seasons and the correlation to our health and peace. 

When: Sunday Dec 3rd 4-7:00pm

Where: Pathfinder Institute (formerly element center) 
28 warren street, 3rd floor New York, New York