5 Thursday Nights of Qi Gong This Summer.

These classes are for all levels and will focus on a section of classical Qi Gong text. 

We will explore The concepts of Peng (fullness/south), Lu (receive/north), Ji (push/west) and An (press/east)

The Practice:

  • All levels
  • Principles of Qi Gong and Tai Ji
  • Meditation practice 
  • Introduction to text of Internal alchemy.

The Elemental Qi Gong system is an integrated map of Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Medicinal Training. This module is the first training towards the 100 hour certification. 


What You Will Learn:

  • Body integration
  • Energy awareness
  • Converting incoming Qi
  • Sending Qi with clarity

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When:  June 15, and 22, July 6th, July 20th, August 10th