Healing is the process of removing obstructions in your body and mind, so that you can live at your highest level. My practice is about partnering with you and helping you discover how to get back to a connected and whole way of being.



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Acupuncture is a way to open up and connect the body and mind. 

The aim of acupuncture can be to bring together joints that are mending, calm the spirit, clarify focus, or reduce stress. 

Each session begins with inquiry into the moment. We look to see what is out of sequence in your body and consciousness and how it is keeping you from feeling and performing at your most optimal.

You basically experience what it's like to be in deep meditation without even having to learn how to meditate.

Overtime your body and mind entrain this new way of being and as you spend time in quiet and clarity in the body your actions also become quiet and more clear.

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Healing is the process of stripping away complexity.

Pathfinder sessions were designed specifically for creating accelerated change in your life. This transformative work is done in a series of one-to-one sessions, rooted in meditation, discussion, acupuncture, and essential oils.

Each session begins with a guided meditation individually designed to bring you quickly to the core issue you're working with. Once discovered, we use the tools of the Daoist teachings and shamanic healing practices to uncover the path you will travel to arrive in clarity. 

Specific meditation practices and journaling are requirements of self-study to be done between sessions in order to build a foundation of lasting change.




Our first conversation is a brief consultation, about 15-minutes, where we aim to decode where and why imbalance may be happening in your body.

During this time I am able to offer you guidance on beneficial courses of treatment, which may include booking healing sessions with me, trying a class, or listening to specific meditations.



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